You see things, and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were and say “Why not? 


George Bernard Shaw

Why not?


Why not live without limitations?

Why not make every wish come true?

To extend one’s boundaries or, even better, to break every limit. The universe is limitless. Why should we have limits?


Youth is only the half-truth of perfect beauty. That which is good is beautiful.



Youth is indeed often defined by perfectly smooth skin, although much depends also on what lies beneath that skin.

Youth is indeed often defined by perfectly smooth skin, although much depends also on what lies beneath that skin. Our lives flow in a bright and precise stream, however our cells are pushed toward their limits by our hectic lifestyles, the daily stress our bodies are exposed to and the less-than-ideal environmental conditions of urban life; damaged early, they thus begin to age.

After a relatively stable period of peak-functionality, during the mid-forties (or even earlier) everything we had taken for granted starts crumbling: our performance lessens; our stress tolerance decreases such that we even get stressed by a child’s scream; we start forgetting people’s names; and even getting some sleep can be an ordeal. More and more lifts and retouches every part of our body hurts and we dismiss other visible signs of aging such as our skin and hair; we are afraid that a screening might unveil something more serious than just an idol suspicion.

From a medical perspective, we are seemingly well-prepared for even worst-case-scenarios, however: suggestion of an artificial hip or knee prosthesis, advice to do more physical exercise, to lose weight or to take a pill against hypertension, etc. have collateral side-effects and those solutions seem to describe the aging process, rather than observe its root. It seems clear that even with botulin, hyaluronic acid, liposuction and skin-lifts, eliminating these visible signs of aging do not make us any younger, nor healthier

Nowadays, effective means to combat the aging process already exist, especially those that act on the signs before they occur. Specifically, we are talking about cellular stimulation that aims at regenerating and repairing body cells and activating endogenous energy resources. Using a special electromagnetic information signal, it is now possible to yield even more energy.

The principles of cell stimulation (to increase the biological potential of a population well beyond and limit previously imagined) are a key feature of the anti-aging effort. This complex human desire is no longer just mere fantasy, but rather the most obvious path for new and wider scientific scenarios.

One of the most effective secrets to aging healthily lies in vitality. This does not spring from prohibitions, strictly-abided rules and moral decisions, but rather out of joy, desire, devotion, integrity and acceptance of imperfection – the CELLVITAL feeling could not be any better described than by this philosophy.